Trust Governance


What do our members do?

The members of our trust are responsible for holding our trustees to account. Members have ultimate control over the academy trust, with the ability to appoint some of the trustees and the right to amend the trust’s articles of association. When appointing new members, the Board will give consideration to the skills and experience mix of the existing members in order to ensure that the Board has the necessary skills to contribute fully to the academy’s development.   All members meet annually.  

Who are our members?

Mr Andrew Brocklehurst (Appointed 12th June 2013)

Mrs Katherine Kent (Appointed 21st March 2016)

Mr Tim Westwood (Appointed 21st March 2016)

Ms. Helen Morrison (Appointed 18th Oct 2022) 

Mr James Randle (Appointed 18th Oct 2022)


What do they do?

Our Trust Board establish an overall framework for the governance of the academy and is responsible for setting general policies, adopting an annual plan, monitoring the company by the use of budgets, making major decisions about the strategic direction of the company and senior staff appointments.

Trustees are appointed by the our Members as set out in the Trust Articles. 

The trustees are also responsible for monitoring the performance of the CEO on a regular basis.

The local governing body of each school (a mix of parents, staff and co-opted governors) is responsible for implementing the policies laid down by the trustees and reporting back to them.

The trustees are responsible for assessing the major risks to which the trust is exposed, in particular those related to the operations and finances of the trust and mitigating exposure to those major risks identified.

All trustees meet termly and have have completed their declarations of interest (please refer to tab on the right).

Who are our trustees?

Mr Andrew Brocklehurst – Chair (Appointed 12th June 2013, nominated by Members)

Mrs Marcia Edwards – Vice Chair (Appointed 31st March 2014, nominated by Trustees)

Mrs Lorraine McCarthy (Appointed 12th Jan 2015, nominated by Trustees)

Mr Damian Tarbuck (Appointed 12th June 2013, nominated by Members)

Mrs Anu Gibson (Appointed 18th Oct 2018, nominated by Members)

Mr Nick Robson-Hill (Appointed 27th Nov 2023, nominated by Trustees)


Mrs Amarjit Cheema OBE (CEO/Accounting Officer) – Appointed by PHMAT Members

Mr Jeremy Parkes (Company Secretary)

Local Governing Bodies


Our local governing body appoint all staff and parent Governors by election through a voting system.

Co-opted Governors are appointed by the PHMAT Trust Board.

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