Our Vision

We aim to provide outstanding education to enable every child to succeed at all levels.  

Through a clear vision which drives strategic direction, we endeavour to be recognised as a Trust that retains and grows robust leaders and governance by suitably equipping them to make substantial improvements at pace, putting the children’s well-being, safety and education at the heart of every decision.  

By establishing a sustainable framework for continuous improvement and professional growth, we will provide learning of the highest quality for all stakeholders, enabling success for everyone.

Our Core Values

The Meaning Behind our Values for Children, Staff and Governors

Personal Growth

Through a culture of continuous intellectual and emotional development we facilitate an environment where everyone can thrive personally and professionally. Tools are provided to enable everyone to flourish through training, coaching, mentoring and support. Individuals are encouraged to welcome challenge, improve skills and knowledge and embrace an educational journey which is empowering, collaborative and transformative.


We aim to shape people who conduct themselves with integrity to enable them to contribute positively to their communities and the outside world. Through ethical conduct and a high standard of honesty, we build authentic and trusting relationships with each other by showing compassion, kindness and respect to everyone around us. We have an open-door policy which promotes respectful and honest communication, and we encourage feedback at every opportunity. We firmly believe in the importance of accountability and admitting to mistakes and learning from them, as this plays a key part in our journey of self-reflection and development.

Mutual Respect

We harness and celebrate diversity and adopt non-judgmental attitudes, while cultivating our own self-respect and accountability. Our community is one where people listen to, support and treat their peers with kindness, empathy and dignity and we whole-heartedly embrace the diverse perspectives of others. Through collaboration, constructive dialogue and collective wisdom, we strive for excellence and advocate for our schools and each-other.


Through our dedication to excellence, we aim to serve as role models and ignite ambition in those around us. We advocate for self-assessment, self-belief and a sense of pride in personal accomplishments. We aim to become architects of our own futures, setting clear goals and driving success for all. We work hard, dream big, strive to be the very best we can be and aim to make a positive impact.


We provide a collaborative and supportive environment where positivity prevails, recognising and harnessing the power of teamwork in achieving our collective goals. Expertise is shared and diverse skills are leveraged in order to drive positive change and enhance the educational experience within our schools. We overcome barriers and obstacles together by , supporting and motivating one another. We celebrate success as a team and prioritise the growth and well-being of others. Transparency, empathy and professionalism guide our interactions, creating an environment of equality, where everyone feels valued and appreciated for their contributions.