The whole ethos within our Trust is centred around sharing best practice across all of our schools. It is not just about one person, it is a team effort, which we know from experience will ultimately deliver the best results for schools, and most importantly for the children.
Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Purpose:

We aim to improve the outcomes for all children across our Multi-Academy Trust regardless of their starting points

This is achieved for all our children by:

  • A world class educational experience that will deliver better life chances;
  • Ensuring that all children regardless of their starting points achieve above national expectations, and the proportion of pupils making better than expected progress is in line with national expectations;
  • Ensuring that children in our schools have the added value and opportunities in curriculum design through partnership with commerce and business;
  • Making sure the families surrounding our children have access to the best possible education opportunities for their children;
  • Inspiration from excellent role models who are leaders in their academies;
  • Celebrating success of all adults and children.