On Wednesday 2nd December, Year 5 and Year 6 pupils from Berrybrook Primary School were presented with the exciting opportunity to join other Year 6 children from Greece from the 8th Public primary School in Chanivia via an online video call. 

Organised by the British Council, this wonderful event took place with the aim to give children from across the globe the opportunity to ask questions and share educational experiences, particularly those from this year during the global pandemic.

Also in attendance was the Greek Minister of Education and Religious Affairs (Niki Kerameus), Vice Minister of Education, Sofia Zacharaki, British Ambassador to Greece, Kate Smith, UK Department of Education (DfE), International Education Directorate, Victoria White, Director British Council, Anastasia Andritsou and Head of Education, Maria Tsakali.

Some great discussion took place between the children who shared their views on what life has been like in school and learning at home during lockdowns. It was great for children from both countries to gain an insight on what this year has been like for others, what the similarities and differences have been and what children felt both the drawbacks and benefits have been.

Well done to all of the children who took part, who conducted themselves beautifully!

Hopefully in the future, children will be able to reconnect this way once again as this resulted in such a positive outcome for all involved.