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Perry Hall Multi-Academy Trust was established in April 2014, after being joined by Berrybrook Primary School following sponsorship from Perry Hall Primary School.

Perry Hall Multi-Academy Trust is managed by our board of trustees, and led by myself, Amarjit Cheema, CEO and National Leader of Education. The Trust currently comprises of five schools:

  • Perry Hall Primary School
  • Berrybrook Primary School
  • Dunstall Hill Primary School
  • Birds Bush Primary School
  • Woodthorne Primary School

The whole ethos within our Trust is centered around sharing best practice across all of our schools. It is not just about one person, it is a team effort, which we know from experience will ultimately deliver the best results for schools, and most importantly for the children.

It is imperative that any school within our Trust believe in and follow whole-heartedly our aims and intentions (detailed on this website). These are at the core of everything that we do.

Amarjit Cheema
National Leader of Education

Average Attainment in Reading 2017-18

  • National 71% 71%
  • Perry Hall MAT 75% 75%

Average Attainment in Writing 2017-18

  • National 77% 77%
  • Perry Hall MAT 80% 80%

Average Attainment in SPAG 2017-18

  • National 76% 76%
  • Perry Hall MAT 83% 83%

Average Attainment in Maths 2017-18

  • National 75% 75%
  • Perry Hall MAT 80% 80%

Combined Attainment 2017-18

  • National 61% 61%
  • Perry Hall MAT 66% 66%


At Perry Hall we have a fantastic team of leadership and teaching staff who have fully embraced the broader range of opportunities available to them by being part of a multi-academy trust. I am very proud of the team ethos we all share. Most importantly, children are given an education which is of the highest standards through the sharing of best practise and leadership across all of the schools within our Trust

Rekha Kohli

Head of Perry Hall Primary School

Joining Perry Hall Multi-Academy Trust has given me the opportunity to work alongside professional and caring people who care about the futures they offer our children. There is always someone to turn to for advice or support. It is like an extended family.

Darryl Asbury

Head of Dunstall Hill Primary School

Both staff and pupils at Berrybrook feel extremely proud to be part of a multi-academy trust that has children at the heart of its focus and priorities.  Being part of Perry Hall Multi-Academy Trust provides opportunity for us to work collaboratively and supportively, with a diverse group of schools, to ensure we continue to provide the highest quality education for our all of pupils.

Emily Pritchett

Head of Berrybrook Primary School

Joining Perry Hall Multi Academy Trust has been the turning point in our improvement journey. Children are at the heart of everything and the shared vision across the trust ensures this is always the priority. As a sponsored academy we have welcomed the support and expertise which is readily available and offered openly. We can already see the impact on outcomes. Opportunities for staff development are wide ranging  for all staff at all stages of their career. We’re delighted to have joined the Perry Hall family.

Sharon Barnes

Head of Birds Bush Primary School

Being part of the Perry Hall Multi-Academy Trust has enabled our school to benefit from the collaborative work between staff and the sharing of best practice across all of our schools. Our children have access to a wider range of opportunities and our staff have the advantage of being able to focus on what’s really important – the teaching and learning and the education and experiences our children are receiving. All schools within the Trust share the same vision and values, which is ensuring that all pupils achieve the best possible outcomes, regardless of their starting points in life.

Tom Hinkley

Head of Woodthorne Primary School

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